Cleaning your TUG Robots

We understand your healthcare organization may be preparing for increases in care demands due to COVID-19 and we would like to provide guidance on how to clean TUG robots:  


  • Treat the TUG like any other piece of frequently touched medical equipment with high-touch surfaces and follow your hospital’s policies on cleaning such equipment. 
  • To clean, use your existing hospital cleaning solutions for disinfecting medical equipment surfaces, patient room surfaces and/or equipment used for transportation. 
  • With the cloth dampened (not dripping wet) wipe down all surfaces of the TUG – both the plastic and the stainless steel.  Be especially attentive to high-touch areas such as the top, buttons, touch pad, drawers and doors.
  • Make an effort to avoid wiping over the sensors indicated in the diagram below.

We hope your TUG robots provide assistance to your hospital staff who is providing care for patients. We would like to assure you that we will continue to staff our support center 24/7 to ensure the technology continues to perform in your facility.   If you have further questions please call our support number at 888-201-9522