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Infographics New Contstruction

New Construction Logistics

Facility construction increases demands on delivery and the distances traveled. TUG is an excellent option to automate logistics in new or expanding hospitals and hotels. Click to see all the benefits the TUG brings.
Infographics Value of Hospital

Value of Hospital Delivery

TUG robots in healthcare perform the delivery and transportation tasks to free-up clinical and service staff to focus on what they do best: patient care. Click to see how much a typical hospital moves and imagine how TUG can generate efficiency and worker satisfaction in your facility.
Infographics Hospital Logistics

Hotel Logistics

Moving and delivering materials through your hotel is critical for guest service and central to your operations but it doesn’t add value. TUG robots add real value by automating internal logistics so your people can focus on the guest experience.
Infographics Building Systems

Building Systems

Wireless integration allows the TUG robots to interface with building systems. Click to see how TUG can wirelessly interact with your buildings including doors, elevators, alarms and other secure areas.
Infographics command center

Command Center

Our patented Cloud Command Center is able to remotely monitor, support and even control the autonomous mobile robots installed at customers. Click to see the areas that our Command Center monitors and supports 24/7/365.