ST Engineering Aethon, Inc. will be speaking on Tuesday, September 17 at the RIA-sponsored conference on mobile robotics. Tony Melanson, Aethon’s VP Marketing will be sharing a presentation entitled “Know Your Robots – What You Need To Know About Mobile Robots and Your Applications”. See Conference Site.

The use of mobile robots is increasing throughout multiple industries and geographies and this has resulted in a significant expansion of the needs and expectations by the end-user. These demands are resulting in applications with very specific requirements, price-points, end-points, and user interaction needs. The challenge is that no one mobile robot can do all things or serve all markets – so how do you choose and evaluate for your situation? To achieve success it is imperative that buyers know their robots. In this session, we will discuss the issues and considerations facing organizations who seek to incorporate mobile robots into their process flows and workforce and even interact among their customers, guests or patients.