With the deflategate still swirling only days prior to the Super Bowl the league was searching for answers – for a process to secure the footballs.

According to details share in this media report, once the footballs are handed in on Friday, controls will go into place. Blandino is quoted as saying:  “We have them in our control, and then they’re brought to the officials’ locker room three hours before kickoff Sunday. We inspect them, we gauge them and then basically approve or disapprove of the football.”

There will be an extra wrinkle Sunday.

“There will be some added security just because of the environment that we’re in for this game,” said Blandino, though he offered no specifics.

Blandino is quoted in this article posted on Friday morning as saying ““My major concern is did we follow proper protocol?” Blandino said. “Everything was properly tested and marked before the game. Walt gauged the footballs himself; it is something he has done throughout his career.

Aethon decided to run its own experiment with the TUG autonomous mobile robot.  They simulated a ball review and delivery protocol with referees to determine if it was possible to maintain absolute chain of custody of properly inflated footballs.  The video shares their dramatic findings.